Buono: 9.3% jobless rate unacceptably high; Bramnick: N.J. gaining momentum

Gov. Chris Christie is “out of touch with reality” if he thinks the latest state unemployment figures are a sign of progress, says his likely Democratic challenger in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

State Sen. Barbara Buono issued a statement Thursday blasting the administration for touting figures that she says demonstrates poor leadership.

Buono reacted to news from the state Labor Department today that New Jersey added nearly 13,000 jobs in February. The state’s unemployment rate dropped to 9.3 percent, edging down 0.2 percent from the prior month, according to the latest data.

“February’s jobs report illustrates the jobs crisis we are facing in New Jersey. At 9.3 percent, more than 430,000 people are unemployed – an unacceptably high number,” Buono said in the statement.

“Compared to last year, more people are out of work and those who have jobs are making less money and working fewer hours. The fact that Governor Christie’s administration calls this ‘another solid month,’ after losing 2,200 jobs in January, just shows how the Governor is out of touch with reality,” she said.

Following the latest jobs report, Republican lawmakers lauded the governor for working to drive down the state’s unemployment rate.

“New Jersey’s economy continues to gain momentum. We are adding private-sector jobs and putting people back to work,” Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick said in a statement.

“Over the last three months, New Jersey’s economy activity is growing at a pace that puts it among the top 10 in the country,” he said. “Businesses continue to have the confidence to invest in New Jersey because they know there is an opportunity for success. That means job creation and opportunities for people looking for work.”


Buono: 9.3% jobless rate unacceptably high; Bramnick: N.J. gaining momentum