BuzzFeed Launches Native Ad Network on Non-Native Sites

imgresBuzzFeed’s sponsored posts are expanding beyond Buzzfeed. The site is partnering with eight other “niche sites with loyal audiences,” including Thought Catalog, Dealbreaker  and The Hairpin, to display it’s native ad content on other websites, reports Ad Age. BuzzFeed is already pitching their advertising network as part of their advertisers’ campaigns with the ever-expanding site, BuzzFeed President Jon Steinberg confirmed to Ad Age.

“We always wanted the business not to be limited by the scale of our site,” Mr. Steinberg told Ad Age. “That means figuring out places do what we do other than on”

The sponsored posts will be displayed on the partner sites so that they look like other stories on the page and will “usually” be labeled in order to differentiate them from the site’s editorial content. But of course, what is native advertising for BuzzFeed is not native elsewhere, a problem that the partner sites are aware of.

“The content tone doesn’t always match exactly,” John Shankman,The Awl network’s publisher, wrote in an email to Ad Age. “It happens that one of our readers might not like one of the native creatives. … but they’re certainly no worse than some of the banner ads that come over the exchanges.”

“No worse than some of the banner ads”– well, if that isn’t a ringing endorsement, what is?

BuzzFeed Launches Native Ad Network on Non-Native Sites