Christie signs state worker direct deposit bill into law

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie Thursday signed a bill requiring public employees to have their pay deposited directly into their back accounts into law.

The legislation, S2090/A720, will require direct deposit pay for all state employees beginning in July 2014. The new law will also allow local government entities to opt for direct deposit mandates.

“Governments must get the most out of every public dollar,” said Sen. Steve Oroho, (R-24), the bill’s sponsor in the Senate. “All local government entities should join in this overdue initiative to save New Jersey taxpayers millions of dollars a year in unnecessary costs.”

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos Jr., (D-33), the bill’s Assembly sponsor, echoed similar comments.

“It’s the 21st century and it’s time the state of New Jersey began acting like it,” he said. “There’s no excuse as to why the state insists on physically mailing pay stubs that are sealed in an envelope, printed on paper, stamped and labeled. This is a recurring administrative cost that the state incurs for thousands of employees.”

Christie signs state worker direct deposit bill into law