Christie unapologetic about trying to change court

NORTH BRUNSWICK – Senate President Steve Sweeney’s apparent refusal to give the governor’s nominees to the Supreme Court a confirmation hearing is a “child’s playground game,” said Gov. Chris Christie.

The governor responded Monday to comments made by Sweeney recently that indicated a confirmation hearing is not around the corner out of fears that Christie would try to “stack the court.”

Sweeney and other Democrats have criticized Christie for comments he made during his last town hall in Montville, where the governor told residents he ran on a platform of vowing to change the makeup of the state’s high court.

“I am certainly unapologetic about my goal to try to change the Supreme Court,” Christie said during the news conference.

“Every governor that comes in either wants to reinforce what the court is doing or change it depending upon your own philosophical approach. I assume that’s why the Constitution gives the governor the right to appoint people,” he said.

Christie brushed off Sweeney’s argument of stacking the court as “just the latest excuse” by Democrats to avoid posting a hearing.

“They can vote up or down once they have the hearing,” Christie said.

“They have a right to do whatever it is they want to do, but they need to get to it,” he said. “Give them a chance.”

The governor said that in addition to saying publically that Sweeney is “being irresponsible,” that he’s voiced his concerns to the top Senate lawmaker in private.

Christie unapologetic about trying to change court