Christie ‘Yellow Dot’ CV: Same thing can be done locally

TRENTON – In conditionally vetoing a so-called “Yellow Dot’’ program bill today, Gov. Chris Christie said that essentially a state-level program  is unnecessary and the same goals can be accomplished at the local level.

The program would have been run by the state Motor Vehicle Commission.  Yellow Dot programs are designed to provide emergency responders with health and emergency contact information to better assist motorists involved in motor vehicle emergencies.

“Yellow Dot programs are in place in more than twenty states, and the majority are administered by local governments,” Christie said in his veto message.

In New Jersey, according to Christie, Mount Laurel has a program “provided without taxpayer expense through nonprofit funding.”

He suggested a revised bill to clarify that such programs may be established locally.

S71/A2037 includes as sponsors  Sens. Dick Codey and Robert Singer and Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman.


Christie ‘Yellow Dot’ CV: Same thing can be done locally