Pete King Wants to Get His ‘Aggressions Out’ in the Boxing Ring

(Photo: Facebook)

Pete King and Josh Foley practice ahead of their bout. (Photo: Facebook)

Congressman Pete King is about to step into the ring, literally.

This Saturday in the Nassau County hamlet of Wantagh, Mr. King is set to go glove-to-glove with “Irish” Josh Foley, a New York State light heavyweight kickboxing champion.

“I’ve actually been doing boxing for a while,” Mr. King explained in a radio interview with Geraldo Rivera earlier this morning. “There’s a whole boxing card on that night, there’s like twelve fights on. I think it starts at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The promoter is actually my boxing trainer, Chris Cardona, and he asked me to box.”

Along with the fact he’s 68-years-old and has never been a professional athlete, the Long Island congressman said a shoulder injury could also hamper his efforts. Regardless of who wins, however, Mr. King, who’s been recently raging at his political foes in Washington, said he expected the match would be a good way to vent his frustrations.

“I’ve been working out,” he said. “I train every week but I’m doing more of it now. I have to watch myself because I have a damaged left shoulder so I have to somehow manage to protect that. Listen, I’m looking forward to it. It should be a good crowd there at Mulcahy’s Pub and it gets my aggressions out.”

Pete King Wants to Get His ‘Aggressions Out’ in the Boxing Ring