Democrats waste no time in attacking Inverso

Senate Democrats are wasting no time going on the attack against former state Sen. Peter Inverso who was endorsed last night by the Mercer County GOP as their candidate for Senate in the 14th District.

Democrats are poised to put a robo call in motion slamming the former senator with claims that he “raided the pensions of cops, teachers and firefighters” while in office  “and is also a banker who made millions while sticking it to consumers.”

The call is set to begin today should Inverso signal that he will challenge incumbent Democrat Linda Greenstein.  According to a source with knowledge of Inverso’s plans, he will speak to the governor today to ensure he will get the resources and support he needs to mount the challenge.

Reached Wednesday, Inverso said he is “impressed” that Democrats are going at it this early.

“It is a shame though that they are starting out on such a negative basis,” he said.  “If I do get into the race, I want it to be based on my record, experience and willingness to collaborate with the governor.”

Inverso has been mulling a challenge for weeks and Democrats have already signaled they will go after him on his ties to Roma Bank, which was purchased in December by Investors Bank.

Should Inverso take on Greenstein it would vault the 14th to the top of the GOP’s target list in this November’s election.  Inverso represented the district for 16 years before retiring in 2007.

An Inverso candidacy would have implications both statewide, where Republicans hope to pick up the five seats needed to control the Senate, and in Hamilton, where Republican Kelly Yaede – an Inverso protégé – is vying to hold onto the mayor’s seat she stepped into when former Mayor John Bencivengo resigned amid a corruption scandal.

Yaede, who was a popular councilwoman in town before assuming the mayor’s post, is challenged by Democrat Barbara Plumeri and Inverso will likely up the turnout in his hometown of Hamilton.


Democrats waste no time in attacking Inverso