Don’t Start Finger Hashtagging Quite Yet

Nimrod Kamer displays a “finger hashtag.” (Photo credit: Nimrod Kamer for Wired UK)

Today’s big “So dumb I can’t believe it’s a real trend” trend comes courtesy of Wired’s U.K. website, in an article called “Brace yourselves for the proliferation of the ‘finger hashtag.'”

According to the piece’s author, who also provided seven pieces of photographic evidence, this new “trend” involves people “actually making the hashtag sign with their hands (using the index and middle fingers from both laid over each other) rather than saying ‘hashtag.'”

Which would be semi-outrageous (no more so than planking, surely) and sort of makes you hope that the people currently using this gesture are “killed in a fire,” as the story goes, except for one thing. This trend story is most likely a fake.
290102 Don’t Start Finger Hashtagging Quite Yet