Stop Being Mean to Old People on Facebook, You Jerks

Can't get no respect.

"Is this the way to Country Kitchen Buffet?"
“Is this the way to Country Kitchen Buffet?”

If you’re lucky enough to have a grandparent in your life, he/she probably spends some time on Facebook liking your party pics but asking why you have to swear so much, sweetheart. Your non-response to her well-meaning nudging is merely a sign of the times. A recent report in the (awesomely-named) Gerontologist found that almost every Facebook group about elderly is either hateful and nasty or treats them like children.

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Imagine that–disrespectful whippersnappers! 

According to the Daily Dot:

The study examined 20 pages randomly selected from a dataset of every page the researchers dug up by searching for pages containing words like “elderly,” “old,” “aged,” and any synonym thereof. Almost every single group the study examined (98 percent, to be exact) contained negative age stereotypes.

A third of the sites researchers found suggested banning seniors from one public space or another. Examples of offensive groups include “im more terrified of elderly drivers than terrorists” (well….) and another suggesting that people “over the age of 69 should immediately face a firing squad.” Not only is that the plot of Logan’s Run, but it’s also a great way to out yourself as a juvenile asshole.

Everyone is aware that time only moves in one direction, right?

Stop Being Mean to Old People on Facebook, You Jerks