Fulop appeals to AG Chiesa in case of Healy fundraiser

It was only a matter of time before someone pulled out the whistle – not to signal a man overboard, although that wouldn’t shock either in a race that’s already featured flippers – but to level the far less surprising charge of actions untoward. 

Running for mayor against incumbent Jersey City Mayor Jerry Healy, Fulop today fired off a letter to state Attorney General Jeff Chiesa seeking an investigation into the identities of anyone who gave money to the mayor during a joint Feb. 27 fundraiser.

It’s unlikley the AG’s office is going to take much notice of the complaint as Chiesa and company do not investigate campaign finance matters unless there is a crime involved and would even be less likley to compel the Healy campaign to do anything involving the fundraiser.

Exposed by Fulop, Healy later said he would give back money raised at the event where donors didn’t comply with pay-to-play restrictions.

The letter cites an invitation to the joint Healy campaign fundraiser, which encourages donors to write $1,000 checks to Team Healy 2013 or an unlimited amount to For New Jersey Families, a 527 independent expenditure committee that can accept unlimited donations and does not have to disclose its donors in conformance with New Jersey law. 

“Based on the fact that there is no record of the organization having taken part in any other activity but for fundraising for Healy’s campaign team, and based on the timing of the entity’s formation, it is a fair inference that the organization was created for the sole purpose of concealing campaign contributions and/or expenditures that are illegal under applicable state and municipal laws,” according to the letter. 

In addition to seeking the list of donors and how much each gave, the campaign is also requesting the Attorney General compel the Healy campaign to identify those who organized the fundraiser, how each donor was solicited, who formed For New Jersey Families and for what purpose, an accounting of all New Jersey Families revenues and expenditures since its formation, and how the expenses associated with the fundraiser were paid, Fulop Campaign Spokesman Bruno Tedeschi said.

Fulop appeals to AG Chiesa in case of Healy fundraiser