GoogaMooga Gives It Another Go Despite Last Year

Last year at GoogaMooga. (Photo via GoogaMooga).

Last year’s festivities. (Photo via Googa Mooga).

The Great GoogaMooga food festival is returning to Prospect Park on May 17 to 19, reports the Times, even though  last year’s debut of what was called by event organizers “an amusement park of food, drink and music” turned into a great debacle. Maybe the second time will be the charm?

“We will be expanding the festival’s general admission footprint, increasing points of sale and improving transaction speeds for food and beverage purchases,” Jonathan Mayers, a founder of Superfly, the event organizer also responsible for Bonnaroo, wrote in an email to the Times. Instead of vendors from 75 restaurants, there will be 85. Plus more vegetarian and gluten-free options (they know their audience) and better cellphone reception.

Last year, foodies eager to sample all the Brooklyn-themed food and drinks that they had read about in the Dining section were confronted with long lines, food shortages, no cellphone reception and the realization that eating pulled pork tacos and pickled vegetables surrounded by thousands of Brooklynites isn’t actually all that fun. The poor (or rich, we guess) people who shelled out $250 for the V.I.P. section ended up getting reimbursed.

“We promised you a terrific Extra Mooga experience this past weekend and we didn’t deliver, particularly in providing an adequate amount of food and beverage on Saturday,” an announcement on the festival’s website read last year. “We’re very sorry if we disappointed you.”

This year, the V.I.P tickets will be $79.50 and will include five drinks and better views of the stage than the regular hordes taking advantage of the general admission. But the very important people will not get any special perks when it comes to food vendors. Tickets for the kickoff concert on Friday, May 17 will cost $49.50 and go on sale on the GoogaMooga website this Thursday.

We can’t wait for the aftermath, as no matter how much better it is than last year, people can always find something to complain about.

  GoogaMooga Gives It Another Go Despite Last Year