Hunger Games Gets the Tea Party Makeover It So Badly Needed (Video)

And no, it’s not a parody.

Katniss doppleganger (YouTube)
Katniss doppleganger (YouTube)

When the Tea Party Patriots premiered this Hunger Games-style video at CPAC over the weekend, the only question in the room was probably “Does this make too much sense?” Sure, “Tea Party Patriots – A Movement On Fire!” doesn’t actually resemble The Hunger Games so much as, um, Gattaca, maybe? But still there are some great similarities that just illustrate how non-crazy these people are.

This is not to discount some of the AWESOME lines in this … promotional video? Trailer for the future? Question mark?

Like just the idea of the Developmental Party as a communist version of Big Brother, complete with doublespeak: “Because from each, everything must be given to all.” “Because when we provide for every need, then you are fully developed.”

In this District 420, they must not have copies of The Hunger Games, which actually depicts a progressive nightmare: a world where the rich all live in slavish opulence while the poor are segregated into different areas, forced to toil away miserably their entire lives with unflattering clothes and in the best-case scenario, die of malnutrition instead of being thrown into the ring to die for their community as a spectator sport for the powerful.

So no, this analogy doesn’t really work, but A+ for getting into the pop culture zeitgeist! Maybe next time, try a Game of Thrones send-up. Or ooh, the Tea Party version of Girls! That could (not) work! <em>Hunger Games</em> Gets the Tea Party Makeover It So Badly Needed (Video)