John Liu’s Campaign War Chest Is Almost Full

(Photo: Facebook)

(Photo: Facebook)

Comptroller John Liu is the only one of the major Democratic mayoral contender whose campaign hasn’t officially released his fundraising numbers from the latest filing period to the press. However, Mr. Liu’s numbers are actually worth boasting about. Though the raw amount he’s raised doesn’t compare to his rivals, when you factor in publicly-matched contributions, Mr. Liu appears to be sitting on the second-highest pile of campaign cash behind only Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who has already raised the maximum amount allowed for the primary

“We’re just about there in maxing out at the spending limit,” a spokesperson for Mr. Liu said after Politicker reached out. “In fact, we’ve emphasized small amounts and from a broad base of NYC donors, the vast majority of whom are first-time donors to any campaign.”

Under city campaign finance regulations, donations $175  or less are matched 6-to-1 by the New York City Campaign Finance Board. To date, Mr. Liu has raised $568,500 in funds he’s claiming will be matched at the 6-1 rate. Combined with the $3,230,000 in private funds he’s raised so far, that gives him about $6,640,000 in his expected war chest—roughly $88,000 short of the spending cap. Given the rate that Mr. Liu has accumulated 6-to-1 matched donations so far, he will easily close that remaining gap.

In contrast, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio–another major Democratic mayoral candidate–claims to have about $5.9 million in matched and un-matched funds, less than Mr. Liu but enough to place him on the path to hitting the maximum in time for the September primary. It’s not immediately clear where the fourth top Democrat, former Comptroller Bill Thompson, stands, but he is touting $2.8 million in un-matched funds with the latest filing. John Liu’s Campaign War Chest Is Almost Full