Jose Canseco Is Ready to Work With Mayor Bloomberg to Fight Sugar

Jose Canseco Portrait Session And Book Signing At Book Soup
Jose Canseco (Photo: Getty)

After traveling to Albany last month to support State Senator Jeff Klein’s push to ban the nutritional supplement DMAA, baseball great, reality television star, MMA fighter, admitted steroid user, author and social media enthusiast Jose Canseco’s latest cause seems to be the number of deaths linked to sugary drinks. After Mr. Canseco took to Twitter this evening to urge the president to “declare war on sugar,” Politicker asked whether he’d be interested in teaming up with a man who is perhaps the nation’s most high-profile anti-sugar crusader–Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“maybe your next mayor isnt bloomberg a lame duck,” Mr. Canseco tweeted, referring to the fact Mr. Bloomberg is in the last few months of his administration.

We informed Mr. Canseco that Mayor Bloomberg still has some time left in office and also seems poised to use his vast personal fortune to advocate for his pet causes once he leaves City Hall. Upon hearing this, the former Major League slugger said he would be interested in working with the mayor if he continues his anti-sugar efforts.

“I would partner with Mike if he keeps fighting sugar,” tweeted Mr. Canseco.

We also reached out to the mayor’s office to see whether they would be interested in having Mr. Canseco serve as a spokesman for their public health initiatives. As of this writing, we have yet to receive a response.

Jose Canseco Is Ready to Work With Mayor Bloomberg to Fight Sugar