Lautenberg not present for budget vote

Assailed by leg pain, according to his spokesman, U.S. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) missed voting this past week on the budget.

Lautenberg Spokesman Caley Gray said at the beginning of last week that the senator’s doctor had told Lautenberg not to travel.

He ended up not needing to on Thursday, although a source close to Lautenberg told that he would have if party leadership required his presence in a tighter situation.

As it turned out, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) had the votes to kill the Ryan Budget, and did not require Lautenberg’s presence in Washington, D.C. Five Republicans crossed the aisle in the upper chamber to join Democrats in putting down the budget plan.

Friday night was a more problematic circumstance for Reid, who did not have Lautenberg for the all-night marathon that spilled into the early morning hours of Saturday, the first time the senate passed a budget in four years.

“In a final squeaker,” according to the Los Angeles Times, “the chamber voted 50 to 49 to approve a $3.7-trillion budget blueprint that would raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy, trim spending, invest new revenue to build infrastructure and tamp down the federal deficit.”

Lautenberg not present for budget vote