Morning Links: Pontifical Edition

Pope Benedict XVI departing Vatican City by helicopter. (Getty Images)

Pope Benedict XVI departing Vatican City by helicopter. (Getty Images)

Carol Vogel profiles Ed Ruscha, whose latest show, “Books & Co.,” opens at Gagosian on March 5 and includes his artist books alongside pieces they inspired, by more than 100 contemporary artists. [NYT]

Roberta Smith reviews Lucy Dodd at David Lewis Gallery, temporarily taking over No5A: “Male artists don’t own the XL artwork format, but they make a majority of the large-scale efforts. So it is inspiring to see a woman handle the format so successfully. The outsize paintings of Julian Schnabel, Anselm Kiefer and Rudolf Stingel are invoked here, which may be Ms. Dodd’s intention.” [NYT]

Tech moguls are beginning to buy art. “‘Art comes between buying the Ferrari and getting the kids into college,’ said New York mega-dealer Larry Gagosian.” [WSJ]

Jonathan Jones defends the readymade. [The Guardian]

Scott Reyburn reports from London’s newest art fair, Art13 London. [Bloomberg]

Here’s Liz Magic Laser’s Armory commission, featuring everyone you know! [Vimeo]

Following Christie’s lead, Sotheby’s will also raise premiums. [NYT]

“Did a Mystic Swede Invent Abstract Painting?” [WSJ]

Epic: Dan Fox on the Vatican resignation and an artist named Frederick Rolfe. [Frieze] Morning Links: Pontifical Edition