Morning Media Meal, Matzo Brei Edition

It's kosher for Passover!

It’s kosher for Passover!

It’s finally sunny (last we checked), so there’s that! Also, Buzz Bissinger spent more on clothes than you will make in a lifetime of writing about Buzz Bissinger’s Twitter feed. A daughter of a former owner of the Post got busted for trying to sell drugs on Craigslist. And Fifty Shades of Grey made even more money than you thought.

Friday Night Lights writer Buzz Bissinger really likes Gucci, and other brands, too—and wrote 6,460 words about it in GQ, where the author admits that he has spent $587,412.97 on his shopping habit. Guess those royalty checks come in handy (as does the ability to sell a longform piece to GQ). “There was a time earlier in my life when I loved to write, the same feeling of orgasm that I now get with clothing,” Mr. Bissinger writes.

Kathryn Kalikow, daughter of the multimillionaire former owner of the New York Post was busted for trying to sell heroin on Craigslist, the Daily News gleefully reports. You can really get anything on the Internet these days, can’t you? As a side note, what is it with owners of the Post sending their daughters to Vassar? Ms. Kalikow is an alum, as is Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of current Post owner Rupert.

Random House is raking in the Fifty Shades money, writes The Guardian. The trilogy sold more than 70 million copies in 2012 and the publisher’s operating profit climbed 75 per cent to 325 million euros. See? The book publishing industry is doing just great.

Local WCBS anchorman Don Dahler is going national as a New York-based correspondent for CBS Evening News and CBS This Morning, reports the Daily News. Mr. Dahler’s move to network was first reported by FishbowlNY in early March, but we guess it’s official now since he talked to the News about it.

The New York Times is closing even more loopholes in their paywall, reports paidContent. “I like the New York Times but, since I already pay hundreds of dollars a year for a Wall Street Journal subscription, I am not in a position to shell out full fare for a second paper,” writes paidContent’s Jeff John Roberts. Good point! Why wouldn’t the Times be sympathetic to the fact that some readers are already paying for a rival publication and therefore don’t want to pay for their newspaper?

Morning Media Meal, Matzo Brei Edition