Morning Read: ‘I Echo the Mayor’s Skepticism’

This is what last night's budget debate devolved to around 2 a.m. (Photo: Wikimedia)

This is what last night’s budget debate devolved to around 2 a.m. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Albany Headline of the Day: “Kumquats And Vampires, Oh My.”

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio did more than comment on Speaker Christine Quinn‘s aggressive personality yesterday, he also released a report warning about the potential watering-down of the Council’s paid sick day legislation, echoing 1199 SEIU, one of the unions reportedly in paid sick day negotiations with Ms. Quinn. In an email to Mr. de Blasio’s supporters, former ACORN head Bertha Lewis further declared, “Water is for plants, not true progressive values.”

Former Comptroller Bill Thompson also reflected on yesterday’s New York Times story on Ms. Quinn. “The biggest issue that concerned me in that story …, because you were angry at a member of the City Council–there was no denial in that–you were angry at a member of the City Council for not putting your name in their press release? So you deprive their constituents of dollars?” Mr. Thompson angrily argued on Richard French Live. “There’s something wrong with that. I’m not talking about temperament.”

A number of outlets further discussed that Times piece, with The Daily Beast, The Atlantic Wire and The American Prospect debating whether its underlying premise was fundamentally sexist, and generally concluding that it was not. And press as varied as Salon, Metro, Gothamist, New York Magazine, Capital New York and IrishCentral gave it additional ink. For what it’s worth, The Gray Lady has covered some male politicians similarly, including former Rep. Anthony Weiner and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In other news, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly spoke out against the Quinn-backed inspector general legislation. “There’s real cause for concern. Putting in another layer of so-called supervision or monitoring can ultimately make this city less safe,” Mr. Kelly told reporters at an unrelated press conference. “I echo the mayor’s skepticism.” Meanwhile, Mr. Thompson reportedly said he wants an inspector general “who would report to the commissioner,” a position Councilman Brad Lander called “ridiculous” and “absurd.”

And John Catsimatidis picked up the endorsement of Queens’ former State Sen. Serf Maltese. “John Catsimatidis is the only candidate, Republican or Democrat, who has the hands on experience needed to run a city like New York,” Mr. Maltese said in a statement touting his business credentials. “He gained that experience as a self-made businessman who has built companies from the ground up; balancing budgets, making payrolls and creating tens of thousands of good paying jobs.”

If you have a few minutes, New York True sat down with Benjamin Lawsky, New York State Superintendent of Financial Services:
[youtube Morning Read: ‘I Echo the Mayor’s Skepticism’