Morning Read: ‘I Will Spare You the Details’

The Daily News doesn't like the U.S. Senate passing on an assault weapons ban. (photo:

The Daily News doesn’t like the U.S. Senate passing on an assault weapons ban. (photo:

Headline of the Day: “Council Member Stephen Levin to Spider-Man: ‘Thank You For Letting My People Park!’”

Former State Senator David Storobin, who got edged out by a Conservative Party write-in campaign during his re-election bid, just received the party’s official nod for his undeclared City Council campaign. “I am honored to have the support and encouragement of the Conservative Party,” he said in a statement last night. We emailed Mr. Storobin asking if it might be taken as a sign of his electoral intentions, and he said there’s “no announcement is on the horizon.”

Will this be the last story on unsuccessful pink State Senate candidate Mindy Meyer? “Ms. Meyer … received the $20,000 donation from Chef Roble & Co., a reality television series on Bravo. The money was then spent for the use of a country club on Long Island for the campaign event, which was filmed for an episode the culinary catering show. However, it appears Ms. Meyer actually received no other donations during the entirety of the campaign and has more than $800 in debt, despite advertising the elephant event as a $500-a-head fundraiser.”

DNAinfo has more on Comptroller John Liu‘s ride in the back of the press van on Sunday, where he made pronouncements on various topics. “We’re all liberal Democrats. There’s not going to be that much contrast,” he said of his opponents at one point, for example. “You know, we’re not going to be all that different on housing, on education. … There might be some slight nuances here and there. Are voters really gonna get all the different nuances? Maybe some of the advocates will.”

Mr. Liu also explained his campaign trail diet to The New York Times. “I love eating!’ he exclaimed. “I am on a ‘seafood’ diet. I see food, I eat.” Former Comptroller Bill Thompson was more cautious, however. “In the end, you just can’t eat,” he said. “There was the most appetizing looking pastries and baked goods and it smelled wonderful. …. But you can’t. If you do, I’ll weigh 400 pounds and it just won’t work. So you have to be careful. You’re at events all the time, you don’t eat.”

And controversial Council candidate Thomas Lopez-Pierre penned another open letter, this one is over 1,700 words and addressed to Daily News‘ reporter Celeste Katz:

March 19, 2013

Hi Celeste Katz (Political Correspondent/New York Daily News):

I really enjoyed reading your recent write-up “Life’s Guarantees: Death. Taxes. Inflammatory Campaign Rhetoric From Thomas Lopez-Pierre”
Very funny!

You have a great flare with words.

I have enjoyed our telephone conversations and back and forth emails. I respect your professionalism as one of NYC’s top political correspondents, so I will take the time to give you a general outline on my views on Jewish people in NYC.

Here we go! Hang on to your seat!

Let me first start with the most important policy position that ALL non-Jewish candidates have to make before evening thinking about earning the Jewish vote in NYC:

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!: I support the right of Israel to exist.

Now that I got that out of the way, I can focus on the issues that are important to America and more specially the residents of NYC, living in Upper Manhattan.

Before I got married, I had the “intimate pleasure” of dating many, many Jewish women – I will spare you the details but suffice to say I was very impressed.

I chose to marry a women of color because I did NOT want my kids to grow up confused about who they are – that is until a NYPD officer conducting stop and frisk in Harlem reminded them of their place in America:

I have many Jewish friends of both genders. Our relationships are real, honest and NOT phony! While we do NOT always agree and we sometimes argue, now more than ever because I am running for political office, we are honest with our feelings and as a result have come to respect and even care for one another.

Jewish people for decades have been shoulder to shoulder helping Black and Hispanic people fight for civil rights in America (and being killed for their civil rights work: Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner. Read more:’_murders).

And the overwhelming majority of Jewish people in NYC continue to espouse the values that have been the bedrock of Black, Hispanic and Jewish relationships in America – respect, support and love for all people at all income levels.

However, in Upper Manhattan, a small number of Jewish people when compared to the total numbers of Jewish people in NYC are low life scum bags who are pushing Black and Hispanic low income families out of their homes just to secure hundreds of dollars in higher rents per apartment, per month, one such person is the family of Doug Eisenberg.

In 2007, Doug Eisenberg purchased 3333 Broadway for his family business, Urban American (one of the largest private landlords in Harlem).

During the campaign, I plan on visiting Doug Eisenberg and members of his family at home, work and at their Synagogue to ask them on camera (Thomas Lopez-Pierre For City Council, An Online Political Reality Show: about their real estate business in Harlem.

I plan to showcase (cars, homes, etc) how well they are living off the blood and pain of low income Black and Hispanic families in Harlem and I plan to let the Jewish community in NYC know all about how they earn their blood money.

Doug Eisenberg and his adult family members are only one step higher as a human being than the drug dealers who do business in Upper Manhattan.

(Doug Eisenberg)

As someone who was born addicted to drugs, I do NOT make this comparison lightly!

The story of 3333 Broadway is just one of many examples of how a small group of Jewish people have for years pushed low income Black and Hispanic families out of their homes in Upper Manhattan in order to make room for high income people who pay market rate rent.

3333 Broadway is a group of five buildings ranging in height from 10 to 35 stories with about 1,200 apartments (in the 7th NYC Council District between West 133rd and 135th Streets).

3333 Broadway was a part of the Mitchell-Lama affordable housing program: a state-run program that was created in 1955 to provided low-interest mortgage loans and property tax exemptions to landlords who agreed to provide low-income residents with affordable housing at below-market-rate rents.

(3333 Broadway at 135th Street)

As reported in the New York Times (October 15, 2008): “The advocacy group Eviction Intervention Services [of the Legal Aid Society] says as many as 300 people have left 3333 Broadway since 2005 after the building’s owner opted out of the Mitchell-Lama program and rents more than doubled – to $1,800 a month from $755 for a one-bedroom apartment, and to $2,300 from $897 for a two-bedroom.” read more here:

To view a graph of how 3333 Broadway has changed hands over the years with the help of financial institutions such as the Israel Discount Bank, please click here:

The question Jewish people of good will in NYC should be asking: is it morally just for members of the Jewish faith to prey on, exploit and destroy the lives of low income Black and Hispanic families in Upper Manhattan for money?

Far too many Jewish people of good will in NYC are acting just like those people of good will in Nazi Germany during World War II who looked the other way as millions of Jews were sent to their deaths in concentration camps.

In fact as it was the case during World War II, Jews helped to put others Jews in the ovens to be burn to death just for the hope of living one day longer – today we have Black and Hispanic people who betray their people (I will name, names at a later date) by helping a small group of Jewish people push Black and Hispanic low income families out of their homes for profit.

I hope during the course of the campaign that I will have the opportunity to stand with Jewish people who are NOT afraid to speak out against the business practice of a small group of Jewish people who buy buildings in Upper Manhattan that are filled with low income Black and Hispanic people for the sole purpose of finding every legal and illegal trick in the law books to push Black and Hispanic low income families out of their homes for profit.

But sadly all I have been hearing from Jewish people (and their Uncle Tom house Niggers in Upper Manhattan) is how bad of a person I am for speaking out against that small group of Jewish people who push Black and Hispanic low income families out of their homes for profit.

FYI: White/Jewish people own more than 80% of the private multi-family buildings in Upper Manhattan so please do NOT give me this bullshit that Jewish people are NOT playing a key role in pushing out Black and Hispanic low income families out of their homes for profit.

In 2010, the New York Times published a story entitled: No Longer Majority Black, Harlem Is in Transition. Read here:
During the last 20 years, thousands of low income families have been pushed out of Harlem by their landlords (and for those that remain, many wonder will they be next). The New York Times story serves as the “carney in the coal mine” for Harlem after another 20 years of gentrification.

One last thing Celeste Katz, in your story you wrote:

“The possibly larger issue: Whether the political community will keep this back-and-forth going or ultimately decide it has done enough to discredit Lopez-Pierre as a race-baiter, refer back to Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, and move on.”

With all due respect to you and your fellow members of the media, I do NOT give a flying FUCK if the media decides NOT to write about me, Thomas Lopez-Pierre or the work I am doing to help Black and Hispanic low income families fight their greedy landlords – be he/she Jewish, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or otherwise.

Unlike the male and female house Niggers (who are in many ways no different than those White people who seek to exploit poor Black and Hispanic people for profit) that depend on White people for their creditability and income in the Black and Hispanic communities of Upper Manhattan, I, Thomas Lopez-Pierre do NOT!

What people in the political community fear in NYC is that my message of political, social and economic empowerment will cause an awakening among Black and Hispanic low income families in NYC who will than rise up and vote people like me into political office and push out the house Niggers and their White/Jewish slave masters.

I will end by quoting former Black slave, Harriet Tubman:

(Former Black slave, Harriet Tubman)

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves – said by former Black slave, Harriet Tubman.”

All the best,

Thomas Lopez-Pierre
Candidate, 7th Council District

PS, check out: Thomas Lopez-Pierre For City Council, An Online Political Reality Show (

PSS, Unlike others who talk shit about standing up for Jewish people in their time of need, I have shed blood to stand shoulder to shoulder defending innocent Jewish people.

I want to tell you a quick story about two Hasidic Jewish boys and three Black boys.

When I was 12 years old – after spending the day cutting school with my twin brother, we were passing through Williamsburg, Brooklyn when we saw three Black boys attack two Hasidic Jewish boys and take their big black hats.

The problem for those Black boys was that once in my history class, one of my favorite teachers who happened to be gay and Jewish showed us a film about: the Holocaust.

Long story short, my brother (at my urging he did not want to get involved) and I walked up to the three Black boys smiling; I cut the biggest of the three across his chest with my box cutter – I was aiming for his throat.

My brother hit one of the other Black boys with a liquor bottle in the face.

The third Black boy just ran off. We beat the shit out of those two assholes.

A half a block away, stood the Hasidic Jewish boys watching in shock.

I ran up to the Hasidic Jewish boys with tears in my eyes without saying a word and handed them back their big black hats.

Why was I crying?

Because I was so a shame of what these three Black boys had done to the two Hasidic Jewish boys. Even at such a young age, I was NOT willing to just walk away and be quiet when I knew in my heart what they were doing was wrong.

If only people had stood up and said No to Hitler in the 1930’s.

My brother and I toss our blood stained shirts and high tailed it back home to Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Morning Read: ‘I Will Spare You the Details’