Morning Read: ‘Seeking the Endorsement of President Obama’

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(Photo: Getty)

Headline of the Day: “Daily Call Girl Smacks Down Daily Caller.”

Baseball star Jose Canseco visited Albany yesterday, along with Senator Jeff Klein, to push for a new ban on a dietary supplement. The visited generated media coverage in The New York Times and an interview on Capital Tonight, among other outlets. Mr. Canseco even provided an inimitable tweet about the event: “If Dennis Rodman can be in North Korea I can be in Albany New York with Senator Klein.”

While on Inside City Hall, Councilwoman Tish James explained the rationale for her public advocate campaign: “I basically see my role as the public advocate [as] someone who can introduce legislation, someone who can legislate–I’ve done that–and someone who can agitate–and I’ve done that as well. So litigation, legislation and agitation, I’ve got those down.”

The New York Times really doesn’t like Congresswoman Grace Meng‘s legislation to provide FEMA eligibility for houses of worship, calling it, among other things, “simply wrong” and “troubling.” The Grey Lady harshly concluded, “The First Amendment does not allow a Hurricane Sandy exception to pay for the rebuilding of damaged houses of worship. The Senate should let the bill die.”

Gladys Santiago, a former district leader who has run for a multitude of various offices over the years, has filed paperwork for Councilwoman Diana Reyna‘s seat again. While Ms. Santiago is unlikely to have a huge electoral impact, candidate Antonio Reynoso would probably prefer a one-on-one battle with Assemblyman Vito Lopez–should Mr. Lopez indeed enter the race–to avoid splitting the anti-Lopez vote.

And another perennial candidate, Everly Brown, leaped into the Queens borough president race.  Here’s the press release:


March 4, 2013 – New York, NY – Everly Brown (D – Rosedale) filed with the Board Elections (BOE) Campaign Finance Board (CFB) his campaign committee papers for his run for Queens Borough President.

Mr. Brown joins six other candidates (Tony Avella, Leroy Comrie, Barry Grodenchik, Melinda Katz, Jose Peralta, and Peter Vallone Jr.) vying for an open seat to be vacated by the current Queens Borough President, Helen Marshall, who is termed out in her 12th year in the office.

When Mr. Brown was asked outside Manhattan’s BOE at 32 Broadway what makes him think he is qualified to become the next Queens Borough President, he said, “I am a community organizer and business man for over 30 years.” “Obama’s first race, there was no politician that stood up for Obama in Queens. I was the only one that stood up for him and closed my real estate office for eleven months to make sure he had visibility in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island. I gave President Obama my office for his grass roots campaign office free of charge. I will be seeking the endorsement of President Obama.”

This is not Mr. Brown’s first run at elected office. He previously ran for State Assembly (District 29), City Council (District 31), State Senate (District 14) and District Attorney (Borough of Queens). When Mr. Brown was asked what makes him think he could be the next Queens Borough President, he replied, “Because Queens Borough President needs to be an independent person.” “We can no longer use an entrenched, career politician, who is controlled by party bosses and special interests. We have had enough of self-serving elected officials. We need a Queens Borough President who will work for the public interest. Queens is not for sale and currently, the other candidates have a war chest, and I am starting from the beginning, and I am asking support of ten dollars or more from over 13,000 citizens.”

The Democratic Primary for Queens Borough President is currently slated for September 10, 2013. Only time will tell if Mr. Brown will be the victor.

Morning Read: ‘Seeking the Endorsement of President Obama’