Morning Read: ‘This Age That We’re Living in Is the Age of Close Elections’

The best moment from John Liu's mayoral marathon yesterday.

The best moment from John Liu’s mayoral marathon yesterday.

Headline of the Day: “Mayoral Candidate John Liu Downplays One Scandal, Reignites Another.”

Like Councilman Mark Weprin, Councilman Dan Garodnick also seems to be giving campaign contributions like he’s aiming for the speakership. In his latest filing, Mr. Garodnick has given to Council Members Andy King, Ydanis Rodriguez and Rosie Mendez, as well as candidates Mark Levine, Vanessa Gibson, Costa Constantinides, Chris Banks, and Andy Cohen. If there’s a theme here, the donations tilt towards Manhattan incumbents and establishment-friendly contenders citywide.

And Chaim Deutsch, a staffer for term-limited Councilman Mike Nelson, seems like he’s finally ready to get his campaign off the ground. “Until now if someone asked if I am running the answer would be that I’m not sure — now the answer is that I am running,” Mr. Deutsch said on the front page of today’s Hamodia. The report also noted Mr. Deutsch’s Orthodox credentials: “Mr. Deutsch comes from a respect Satmar family; his cousin was an attendant of the previous Satmar Rebbe.”

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio sat down with Jewish leaders himself yesterday. “This community will be crucial,” Mr. de blasio told them in a video recorded by Shimon Gifter. “The community is growing and growing in political impact because it will be a close election, as we’ve seen time and time again. This age that we’re living in is the age of close elections. … If this community stands up and says, ‘We want a different kind of leadership. We want the kind of leadership that’s actually connected to us. Where it’s a given [if] we want a hearing at City Hall on an issue, it’s a given you’re going to get it.'”

One of Mr. de Blasio’s mayoral opponents, Bill Thompson welcomed a third rival, Christine Quinn, to the race with a reminder that he launched his campaign first and that not all of her positions gel with Democratic activists:

Morning Read: ‘This Age That We’re Living in Is the Age of Close Elections’