NY1 To Get Rebranded

Pat Kiernan reads the papers to Time Warner subscribers. (Photo credit: NY1).

Can’t get that on Fios. Although NY1 already has an ad campaign to that effect, the Time Warner higher ups think that viewers don’t realize that the 24 hour news channel, which is something of a cult favorite, is exclusive to Time Warner subscribers.

NY1, the little news channel that keeps on going, is going to get a makeover so that viewers realize that it is only available to Time Warner customers, reports The Daily News. As part of that revamp, the channel is going to get a new logo, graphics, theme music and possibly even a new name, TWC News.

“Our news outlets have grown tremendously in recent years,” Time Warner Cable spokeswoman Amy Summers said in a prepared statement. “Our research shows that people who watch our stations, such as NY1, are loyal viewers, yet most people don’t understand their connection to Time Warner Cable. It is for these two reasons that we’re embarking upon a rebranding project that will take the better part of a year.”

Pat Kiernan addressed the story on “In the Papers” today, the segment where the news anchor reads viewers the morning newspapers,  and called it a branding decision and said that the content wouldn’t be effected.

“Logo less important than the content.”

This move is sure to disappoint some loyal New York fans. Don Kaplan, the Daily News television writer who broke the story, offered his opinion in a side bar, calling the rebranding decision a “boneheaded move.”

Other New Yorkers will undoubtedly agree.

“I couldn’t live without NY1. I wake up to it and I go to sleep to it,” Angela Lansbury told us at the channel’s 20th anniversary party back in October, humming the NY1 signature soft jazz theme music. “It’s like a very dear friend.”

NY1 To Get Rebranded