Opponents, media will owe apology over revenue criticisms, governor says

EDISON – Gov. Chris Christie’s opponents and the media are going to owe the governor an apology on second guessing the administration on their revenue numbers, Christie said today.

What’s more, Christie predicted, is that the state is on the course to meet revenue expectations for the next four months.

Delivering what amounted to a campaign speech at a commercial real estate association Wednesday, Christie said the state’s revenues are on the upswing. The governor used the opportunity to criticize any Democratic lawmakers, as well as media reports, who characterized his projections as “rosy” when revenues failed to meet projections.

“Consider this, for the last two months we’ve exceeded our revenue expectations and these are the revenue expectations that everybody in New Jersey said were pie in the sky and could never be met,” he said.

“I believe that over the course of the next four months that we’re going to meet expectations,” he said.

Christie criticized opponents and the media of “calling the game in the third quarter.”

“That’s what the press likes to do and it’s certainly what our opponents like to do,” he said. “They like to call the game in the third quarter if it goes with their narrative. But the narrative is changing right under our feet. It’s changing as we speak.”

Meeting expectations would warrant an apology from people in the state, Christie said.

“Now I’m sure, as I’m sure you are, that when they prove out to be wrong that I’ll be getting the apologies from all the doom-and-gloomers that I would rightly deserve,” he said to laughs from the audience.

Opponents, media will owe apology over revenue criticisms, governor says