Ordained Rabbi Aims to Capture Staten Island Council Seat

(Photo: Mirocznik campaign)

(Photo: Mirocznik campaign)

For local races, New York City overwhelmingly tilts towards the Democratic Party and there are only a handful of Council campaigns with the potential to be competitive in this November. The race for outgoing GOP Councilman Jimmy Oddo’s seat is likely to be one of them. And, according to a source active in local politics, the Democratic establishment is backing Mendy Mirocznik, a non-practing rabbi and lawyer, for the Staten Island district.

“We’re seeing fewer education dollars, less transportation options, deteriorating roads and there seems to be no relief in sight,” Mr. Mirocznik said in a statement announcing his candidacy yesterday. “Meanwhile, our small-businesses, the economic engine, of our community are struggling to survive – that is not a recipe for recovery. We need an advocate who will reverse this trend and bring real results for Mid-Islanders, and I believe I can do that.”

Despite the establishment support, Mr. Mirocznik, who also serves as the President of the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island, is set to face primary opposition. John Mancuso, who waged an unsuccessful campaign against Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis last year, announced his own campaign over the weekend.

The Republican field is also heating up, with Mr. Oddo strongly supporting his chief of staff, Steve Matteo, for the job, as elements of the Staten Island GOP back party vice chair Lisa Giovinazzo. Ordained Rabbi Aims to Capture Staten Island Council Seat