Plea for candidates in Camco

It seems the Camden County Republican Party is a little short on candidates this year.

GOP County Chairman Tom Booth yesterday sent a plea to party members, looking for able bodies to run at both the county and state level.

“We are in need of 2 high-quality candidates for Freeholder,” Booth wrote in the letter. “We need candidates for Assembly and State Senate in the 4th, 5th and, particularly the 6th Legislative District.  You can go to the NJ Legislative website to look up the towns in any legislative district if you don’t know what district you live in.”

Last year, Booth took up the charge in his hometown of Voorhees, running for township committee and losing by 2,000 votes.  In his letter, Booth makes clear it’s time for someone else to step into the line of fire.

“Let me be blunt: last year, when we needed a candidate in my hometown of Voorhees, I answered duty’s call and ran,” Booth wrote. “I had hoped this would set an example for others to follow.  I ran knowing the odds and money would be tremendously against me.”

And if leadership and guilt are not enough of an incentive, Booth has a trump card: If you run, you might actually win.

“Request you give serious consideration to run in this “Chris Christie” Reelection year.  There will not be another opportunity like this for a long, long, time.  I expect serious coattails if you are the right candidate, work extremely hard, have the right message, raise money and catch a little luck.”

Some GOP strategists have pegged the 4th as a winnable district owing to Christie’s performance there in 2009, however none of the three districts were listed on a recent memo from Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. in which he targets districts the GOP hopes to pick up.

Booth did not immediately return a call for comment on his letter or the party’s progress on finding candidates.

Plea for candidates in Camco