Possible lottery privatization moving forward, Christie says

NORTH BRUNSWICK – Despite Democratic lawmakers hoping to put the brakes on plans by the governor to privatize the state lottery, the state is moving ahead with the process, Gov. Chris Christie said.

The governor said today his administration is moving forward with plans to follow through with the privatization of the lottery despite objections from some lawmakers.

The governor made the comment during a Monday news conference held just hours after Senate Democrats moved legislation that would require legislative oversight of the privatization plans.

“We’ll continue to go through the bidding process and the negotiation process,” Christie said.

Christie said the state Treasurer will make a recommendation to the governor at the end of the bidding process whether he thinks the state would benefit from the privatization.

If the Treasurer comes to the conclusion the state won’t benefit, then Christie says it’s back to the bidding process or he’ll decide to keep things the way they are.

Either way, the process is moving forward, he said.


Possible lottery privatization moving forward, Christie says