Report: Cryan emails unleashed; prosecutor says he plans investigation

Assemblyman Joe Cryan (D-20), a former State Democratic Party chairman, finds himself confronted today with a woman from his past, a past that has haunted him for years, according to a report in the New York Post.

In more than 150 e-mails lobbyist Karen Golding said she received from Cryan in 2002, and posted by the New York tabloid, the assemblyman solicits Golding’s attention with a variety of explicit sexual remarks.

Cryan busted Golding for stalking in 2006.

“After her arrest,” according to The Post, “Karen Golding said that they were intimately involved — and that she had the e-mails to prove it. Cryan has denied the relationship.”

The emails land at an inopportune time for Cryan, potentially embarrassing the election year political animal, who is one of the Democratic Party’s most highly regarded strategists. 

In response to the emails surfacing, Gregory Mueller, first assistant prosecutor for Sussex County, said Golding and her attorney, Roy Greenman, “along with anyone they may have given the e-mails” were the only people with access to them in addition to, presumably Cryan.

“The e-mails were under seal in court offices and the court clerk assured Mueller they weren’t given to the press or anyone else,” according to a report on

The prosecutor told he intends to launch an investigation into who violated a court order to keep them sealed and how that occurred.

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Report: Cryan emails unleashed; prosecutor says he plans investigation