Rutgers Faculty Union backs Buono for governor

Rutgers AAUP-AFT, the faculty union at Rutgers University, today announced  its support for Barbara Buono for Governor. 

The union members issued a statement saying they believe Buono will become known as New Jersey’s “Higher Education Governor” because she has the experience and leadership required to put student success at the center of higher education policy.

AAUP-AFT President Adrienne Eaton said, “Barbara Buono understands our students’ concerns because she knows what it means to work her way through college. She also knows that today’s college students cannot succeed in the quality and numbers needed for a robust economy if we do not reverse the damaging decline in state funding for public higher education in New Jersey.

“She has always stood with faculty, students and staff in our efforts to improve the quality of our colleges and universities while protecting access and affordability,” Eaton added. “We’ve been losing that battle, but we expect that to change when Senator Buono becomes Governor Buono.”

Buono said she was proud of the endorsement.

“I know that if I did not have access to affordable, quality schooling I would not be where I am now,” the senator said. “I look forward to discussing ways to ensure that today’s students have the same opportunities I had when growing up.” Rutgers Faculty Union backs Buono for governor