Sandy oversight bill signed

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie signed into law the bill establishing oversight of rebuilding from Superstorm Sandy.

Christie signed A60/S2536, which among other things will have the Comptroller review procurement of state contracts using federal resources, as well as have a transparency web site for contracts.

“As we continue working together to rebuild New Jersey, it’s critical that taxpayers across our state and country know that their dollars are being spent wisely,” said Christie in a release.

“This bipartisan legislation puts in place independent watch dogs to ensure that the scarce resources that New Jersey has been entrusted with are being used effectively and efficiently for their intended purpose – rebuilding our communities in the aftermath of Sandy.

‘As Governor, I am committed to transparency, accountability and the most effective use of public money in all facets of government, and am pleased to sign this bipartisan bill into law, building on the proactive steps we have already taken to ensure proper use of these funds.”

And Senate President Steve Sweeney said in a release that “Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are about to come flowing into New Jersey in relief funding.  We cannot allow these funds to fall victim to waste, fraud and abuse.  Integrity monitors have an established track record of preventing such problems and saving millions.  The biggest benefit of this legislation will go to the taxpayers of New Jersey.”

In addition, the Treasurer will assign monitors to any rebuilding projects totaling more than $5 million, and any under that threshold at his discretion, the governor’s office stated.

In addition to immediately reporting any examples of waste, fraud, or abuse to the Attorney General and State Comptroller, every three months the State Treasurer will provide a report to the Governor and the Legislature on the findings of their oversight monitors.  The names of these oversight monitors will be available on a public web site, Christie stated.

Sandy oversight bill signed