Startup News: Spotify Reminds Us That Music is Awesome and Taxi Companies Hate Losing Money/E-Hailing Apps

Photo: Spotify

Spotify Finds Its Voice If you didn’t know that music is great, Spotify’s new commercial is going to make sure you know it. The online music distributor’s first foray into TV advertisements premiered Monday during NBC’s The Voice, featuring a person enjoying the best crowd surf ever accompanied by a monologue on the general awesomeness of music. Two other commercials are currently up on the company’s YouTube page as well.  Spotify, in the future, just do what Apple does; find a catchy pop song, throw in some dancing silhouettes, and no voiceovers.

Congressman Receives Crowdfunding Award Proving that some of the best people in startups aren’t all tech nerds, Congressman Patrick McHenry (R -NC) received this year’s Crowdfunding Visionary Award at the annual Crowdfunding Conference and Bootcamp. McHenry recieved the award for creating equity startup exemption provisions he sponsored in the JOBS Act and helping it win approval in Congress. At this rate, “Congressman Zuck” is starting to have a terrifying ring to it.

Pillbox App Adds New Features MediSafe Project today unveiled a new avenue for doctors to help their patients with their prescriptions. Alongside the prescription app, doctors will now be able to remind patients about taking their medications and other changes in their prescriptions via a new website, the Prescription Page. The site, which was “inspired by a real-life physician’s prescription for the app” is part of MediSafe’s expansion plans for this year, which also includes updating the iOS version of its app to go alongside its current Android version.

Taxi Companies Still Hate E-Hailing In the most unnecessary story of the day, the Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Association (TLPA) released a media brief which informs us about the “danger” of “rogue” transportation apps and also rates an array of transportation apps based on which ones the association trusts. As we’ve covered before, taxi and limo companies haven’t taken too kindly to these E-hailing apps, so this propaganda piece media brief comes as no surprise to these app companies, especially Uber, which was one of four apps to recieve a “red light” rating alongside SideCar, Lyft, and Tickengo.

The Future Is Here, We Have Robot Parties! It may be Passover and Easter this week, but a much more important holiday to celebrate is coming up soon. National Robotics Week begins April 8, and Huge and Honeybee Robotics is throwing a party to celebrate on Tuesday, April 9 at 7:00 PM at their headquarters in Brooklyn. Robot developers will be running presentations, live demonstrations and discussions all night, and pizza and beer will be served. If you can’t wait for our robot overlords to take over Terminator-style, you can RSVP for the event here.

Eventbrite Breaks 100 million Event aggregator and ticket distributor Eventbrite broke the 100 million ticket marker today seven years after its founding. To celebrate crossing the threshold, the site released a new video, which “champions the millions of event-goers who are using Eventbrite to find and attend events.” Chances are Eventbrite is also probably championing the millions of dollars they’re making. Startup News: Spotify Reminds Us That Music is Awesome and Taxi Companies Hate Losing Money/E-Hailing Apps