Stephen Colbert to a Certain Someone: ‘Are You Also a Fraud?’

You might want to see this.

You might want to see this.

Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert had a very funny segment with someone pretty famous. We’re not going to say who, because, really, does it really matter? Colbert sometimes just has those “On” nights, where all the jokes land and everyone is in the mood and the guest gets totally schooled while trying to one-up Colbert with trivia questions about the novelizations of those Peter Jackson movies that James Franco read last semester.

Damnit. Okay, fine, the guest was James Franco. BUT IT IS STILL WORTH WATCHING.

Well, that about sums it up. James Franco admits to being a fraud, kind of also admits to hating NASCAR, tries a sad little Steinbeckian diss on Colbert because he is now starring in Of Mice in Men on Broadway (Seriously? As George? George??), and makes terrible metaphors about his education using source material from: a) a child’s book; b) one of the most famous movies of all time and c) a movie he currently stars in.

Stephen Colbert read the script from America’s collective consciousness, James Franco smiled with his dimples, and everyone who cared felt like maybe they could just let it go now…

Stephen Colbert to a Certain Someone: ‘<em>Are You Also a Fraud?’</em>