Sterns & Weinroth merges with Eckert Seamans law firm

The Pittsburgh, Pa.-based Eckert Seamans law firm is acquiring Trenton-based Sterns & Weinroth effective April 1.

The merged firm, which will be known as Eckert Seamans, will result in the addition of a new Eckert Seamans office in Trenton and bring the firm’s total attorney count to more than 385, they announced.

The combined firm will provide Eckert Seamans’ clients with an enhanced presence in New Jersey and will continue the firm’s expansion of its regional footprint, according to a release.

The firm will have over 130 lawyers in the New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia metropolitan markets.

“The combination with Eckert Seamans represents a tremendous opportunity for both of our firms, and, most importantly, our clients,” said Sterns & Weinroth managing director William J. Bigham.

“The combined firm will result in increased capabilities and depth of talent in order to more effectively represent clients in a larger geographic area with an expanded scope of services.”

The firm also recently opened offices in Newark, N.J., and in Providence, R.I.

Sterns & Weinroth merges with Eckert Seamans law firm