Week in Advance: March 11-15

A week after the Senate Budget Committee held its first hearing regarding items in the proposed $32.9 billion spending plan for fiscal year 2014, the Assembly Budget Committee will do the same this coming Tuesday.

The budget has not elicited the same level of controversy or public response that prior budgets have, with the exception of some school construction advocates calling for more money to be devoted to that purpose.

At Tuesday’s hearing, Chairman Vincent Prieto and company will take testimony on areas related to families and children (Department of Children and Families), and the Health Department.

Before the Assembly Budget Committee meets, four other committees are expected to meet on Monday. Various bills concerning college financing will be reviewed and voted on for release by the Senate Higher Education Committee, tax credit bills in the Senate Economic Growth Committee, bills on Lottery privatization and moving the date of fire district elections will be heard by the Senate State Government Committee.

The Senate and Assembly are expected to hold quorums on Monday and Thursday, respectively, although it’s not known what the topic of discussion is.

Look for more Joint School Committee hearings in the coming weeks. After being dormant for much of last year, the committee has met three times in three weeks.

Week in Advance: March 11-15