Adelizzi-Schmidt: Van Drew endorsement of Buono ‘going over like a lead balloon’

Republican LD1 state senate challenger Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt seized on state Sen. Jeff Van Drew’s (D-1) support for Gov. Chris Christie’s tax cut proposal. 

“Senator Van Drew knows his endorsement of Senator Barbara Buono’s campaign for Governor is going over like a lead balloon with middle-class families and seniors in this district,” said Adelizzi-Schmidt.  “So, I don’t blame him for trying to align himself with Governor Christie or attempting to obscure his failed record on raising taxes.  The fact of the matter is that Senator Van Drew has raised taxes on health care premiums for seniors, added to the cost of home heating bills, and increased fees on people for simply driving their car.  He’s trying to run from that record, but I have no intention of letting him hide from it.”

Presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee Buono does not support Christie’s tax cut proposal unless the budget fully funds education.

Van Drew dismissed Adelizzi-Schmidt’s attack as stale politcs.

“It’s the same old inaccurate and mean-spirited stuff they tried last time,” said the senator.

“The governor mentioned me in his speech when he first proposed it (the tax cut),” Van Drew added. “As everybody knows, I work on both sides of the aisle. …Whether it was on the board of freeholders or in the legislature, I have always fought for being fiscally frugal and careful. I opposed the cosmetic tax, realty transfer tax, sales tax; I opposed the toll monetization plan. It’s the same old tone. It would be nice if they came up with a good idea for a change.”  Adelizzi-Schmidt: Van Drew endorsement of Buono ‘going over like a lead balloon’