AG issues gun violence task force report

TRENTON – A state task force that examined gun violence in the wake of the Connecticut school shootings issued a 94-page report today that contains 50-some  recommendations.

Gov. Chris Christie’s office said it would make specific recommendations of its own within seven to 10 days of reviewing the SAFE Task Force report issued by the Attorney General’s office.

The voluminous report covers numerous subjects, including mental health, urban violence, substance abuse, school safety, and violence in media.

Among other things, the report recommends:

* Firearms purchaser identification cards should be renewed periodically;

* Require courts to order the surrender of those cards when a conviction occurs;

* Encourage voluntary surrender of legally owned firearms during certain periods of crisis related to mental health issues;

* Enhance security procedures for ammunition sales via the internet;

* State law should require a firearms seller to verify a buyer’s identity;

* Bar so-called “straw” purchases when someone buys a gun for someone who they know is prohibited from owning one;

* Study whether violent media is inappropriately marketed to youths in New Jersey;

* Have a suspicious activity hotline;

* Emphasize anti-bullying efforts;

* Consider all factors before deploying armed guards;

* In certain districts, have a voluntary program in which state troopers show up unnanounced to walk the halls and make contact with officials and students;

* And regulate violent video games.

The task force report is the result of two months of research, meetings with state officials and professionals, and public hearings.

It was chaired by two former New Jersey Attorneys General – Peter G. Verniero and John J. Degnan.

The final report can be accessed here:  AG issues gun violence task force report