Ammunition clip restriction not part of Senate gun control package

A bill that would limit the size of an ammunition clip to 10 rounds will not be part of the Senate gun control package introduced today, according to a source familiar with the legislation.

The bill was introduced in the Assembly by Majority Leader Lou Greenwald as part of the Assembly’s 22-bill gun control package and passed in the lower chamber by a vote of 43 to 30.

“Limiting magazine capacity in New Jersey to 10 rounds is common sense–protecting lawful citizens’ 2nd amendment rights while taking an important step to reduce gun violence,” Greenwald said shortly after the bill passed in the Assembly. “Not only does taking high-capacity magazines off our streets make common sense, it is an effective way to cut down on the number of high-capacity magazines used by dangerous criminals.”

But a Senate source said lawmakers have received little pushback from gun control groups on the omission of the legislation.

Both the shooter who slaughtered 26 teachers and children in Connecticut last year and the attacker who killed 12 people in an Aurora, CO movie theater in July used high-capacity magazines, leading many in the gun control community to call for their outlaw.

Greenwald did not immediately return a call for comment on the Senate’s failure to introduce the bill. Ammunition clip restriction not part of Senate gun control package