Anthony Weiner Is Back on Twitter

Anthony Weiner (Photo: Twitter)
Anthony Weiner (Photo: Twitter)

He’s back.

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who infamously sent lewd photos from his @RepWeiner Twitter account two years ago–ultimately leading to his resignation–has signed back up on the social media service. He’s now under the handle @AnthonyWeiner.

The renewed interest in Twitter could be taken as yet another sign that Mr. Weiner is working to rehabilitate his image as he explores a potential mayoral campaign. Mr. Weiner, of course, recently emerged on the city’s political scene by giving an in-depth interview to The New York Times Magazine earlier this month, where he directly stated his interest in City Hall’s top job.

For his part, Mr. Weiner only described the move as “a fresh start.”

“It seemed like a fresh start was in order especially in light of all the new ideas around which I am hoping to drive conversation and debate,” he wrote in an email.

The account, which is verified, first tweeted a link to his policy platform for the city.

He then posted again, taking an apparent shot at Mayor Michael Bloomberg by directing his followers to idea 54 in the book in honor of Earth Day. The proposal? “End Prohibition on Hybrid Cabs.”

The “Taxi of Tomorrow” will soon be the only cabs on the road. But, as Mr. Weiner notes, “It is not a hybrid or electric or any other forward-looking technology. This would have the effect of forcing many hybrid cabs off the road at a time when we should be using more. The push for a ‘one size fits all all’ approach should be scrapped in favor of incentives for driving the most environmentally sound cabs.”

Mr. Bloomberg’s spokesman Marc LaVorgna noted that the new fleet of taxis will be electric-capable, but sounded skeptical about Mr. Weiner’s proposals.

“Policy agenda? We are now writing up comments from former electeds who haven’t declared they are running for anything?” he asked in response to Politicker’s question.


Update (3:48 p.m.): Included additional background surrounding Mr. Weiner’s subsequent Twitter post. Anthony Weiner Is Back on Twitter