Bellew responds to education flap

Leigh Ann Bellew, a state Senate candidate in the 13th District today responded to an article posted on PolitickerNJ yesterday questioning her educational credentials, demanding that the article be retracted.

Bellew has described herself as holding “advanced degrees” in constitutional law and history and was described by one media outlet as an attorney when quoting her analyzing a legal case involving home schooling.

Her bio on her campaign website does not list a law degree and her Linked In profile lists Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.

She did not respond to several requests to clarify her educational background, however in a release issued today, a spokesman for the candidate demanded a retraction of the “false article.”

Bellew said she has never referred to herself as an attorney and cannot control how she is described by a news outlet. 

“The Leigh-Ann Bellew Campaign for New Jersey State Senate District 13 immediately calls on PolitickerNJ to retract its anonymously reported article on Leigh-Ann Bellew,” the release said.

But in it, the spokesman admits that Bellew “inadvertently” used the words “advanced degrees” instead of “advanced study” on a home business website.

 “While I am sorry for using the wrong word, I am proud of my years of study and teaching our true American values,” Bellew said in the statement.

The advanced “degrees” slip was not the only reference to graduate level education. On a social media site she is described as holding an MS in Political Science and History from the University of North Texas. Monmouth County website reported yesterday in response to the story that Bellew had told a reporter for that site that she had graduated from law school in Texas, but had never taken the bar.

She also told the conservative web site Save Jersey that her “post collegiate” study focused on history and constitutional law.

Spokesman Dwayne Horner did not respond to a request to clarify what degrees she holds, however in her release Bellew says that “post collegiate” study does not refer to graduate education.

Horner also did not respond to questions about a documentary Bellew said she directed and produced that appeared on national television and led to a nationwide speaking tour. Bellew listed the documentary as one of her accomplishments on a 2006 questionnaire when she was a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Internet searches turn up no information on or references to the documentary, which she said was entitled “Power Through Pain.”


  Bellew responds to education flap