Bloomberg on Weiner: ‘One Joke Is Fine. After That, Let’s Get Serious’

Anthony Weiner (Photo: Getty)
Anthony Weiner (Photo: Getty)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn’t finished lecturing the press about their coverage of former Congressman Anthony Weiner. In fact, New York’s mayor is so frustrated, he’ll kvetch on the topic unprompted. Indeed, Mr. Bloomberg began his weekly radio interview this morning by answering an unrelated question with complaints about Mr. Weiner and the Fourth Estate.

“Look, the press is talking about Weiner, and not his policies but his–you know,” he replied to the inquiry about Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s transportation proposal, proceeding to pooh-pooh the plan as unrealistic. “At least Quinn has got some ideas … At least she’s talking about something–policy–and something that’s important about the city.”

 Mr. Bloomberg then noted that former Comptroller Bill Thompson–who, like Ms. Quinn, is campaigning for mayor–has been talking about something more important than Mr. Weiner as well.

“Incidentally, I saw Bill Thompson yesterday, has a plan on crime. If you remember a few weeks ago, I was screaming that they weren’t talking about [it],” the mayor recalled, adding that he might disagree with Mr. Thompson’s proposal as well. “Whatever it is, he’s talking about substance. That’s what we need.”

Fundamentally, and this might be a message for the New York Post, Mr. Bloomberg suggested that more than one innuendo-laced pun with Mr. Weiner’s name is simply too much.

“One joke is fine,” he contended. “After that, let’s get serious about this.” Bloomberg on Weiner: ‘One Joke Is Fine. After That, Let’s Get Serious’