Boston mayor endorses Healy’s re-election

Today, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino sent Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy a personal letter endorsing him for re-election on Tuesday, May 14th.

“It’s been an honor to stand alongside Mayor Menino in the fight to get illegal weapons off our city streets,” said Mayor Healy.  “Boston is losing its biggest champion with Mayor Menino’s retirement. We share the same motivation of giving back to our community and always putting our cities first.”

Below is the full text of the letter Mayor Menino sent to Mayor Healy:

Dear Mayor Healy,

It has truly been a pleasure working alongside you these past several years in the fight to get illegal guns off our city streets.  And I am proud to stand alongside President Barack Obama in endorsing you for another term as Mayor of Jersey City.

When Mayor Mike Bloomberg and I started Mayors Against Illegal Guns in 2006, you were instrumental in immediately recruiting other New Jersey leaders for this important fight.  On Election Day, Jersey City residents should never forget that you have always had their backs.

Last year, Jersey Citys homicide rate dropped to a historic low. That’s in large part because of the efforts of your administration – cracking down on gun violence and utilizing technology in high-crime areas. While other major New Jersey cities laid cops off to close budget gaps, Jersey City hired new police officers. That’s leadership!

Jersey City is lucky to have you at the helm, and I am proud to endorse you for another term to keep the progress going. I know our country is in good hands with leaders such as yourself always putting your city first.


Best wishes, 

Thomas M. Menino

Mayor of Boston

  Boston mayor endorses Healy’s re-election