Bronies Raising $40,000 to Name an Alligator ‘Gummy’

Pony up.

Sure why not. (Photo: Equestria Daily)
Sure why not. (Photo: Equestria Daily)

Though members of the brony community are no strangers to drama, once united in the name of friendship and rainbows and glitter, they can be a powerful force for good. Now, fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic are channeling their obsession with cartoon horses into philanthropy by pledging to donate money to Los Angeles’s Wildlife Learning Center in the name of MLP characters.

Equestria Daily, the go-to source for brony news, published a post this weekend about a special offer the learning center has extended to the brony community. In order to encourage them to donate to the wildlife fundraiser, the center has promised to name various animals they sponsor after pets in the MLP show. They’ll even be commemorated with a naming plaque!

Writes Equestria Daily:

  • At $10,000, we get Angel, a bunny.

  • At $20,000, we get Tank, a Sulcatta tortoise.

  • At $30,000, we get Owlowicious, a great horned owl.

  • At $40,000, we get Gummy, a victim of ironic naming when the center skips the multiple tooth extractions.

So far the bronies have already reached “Angel tier,” donating over $10,000–enough to name a bunny “Angel.” If they reach their ultimate goal of $48,000, the wildlife center will throw a party for them, hosted by actress Tara Strong, who does the voiceover for Twilight Sparkle.

Giddyup, y’all.

Bronies Raising $40,000 to Name an Alligator ‘Gummy’