Brooklyn Can Haz Cat Video Festival?

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Internet celebrity, Grumpy Cat (Youtube)

Last year, the inaugural Internet Cat Video Festival was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, wherever that is. While Minneapolis’s handful of residents primped their whiskers in satisfaction, the legions of devoted feline fanatics in ManCattan and Brooklyn were left feeling more dejected than Grumpy Cat.

Thank heavens this year’s festival will be taking place where it rightfully belongs: Brooklyn, concrete jungle where memes are made, and home to big-ticket feline celebs like Sam the Cat with eyebrows, (not to mention a whole bunch of people who really enjoy the Internet).

The festival will be held at the Warsaw concert venue on October 25th, which gives your cat plenty of time to achieve its rightful place in the pantheon of feline greats. So get those iPhones out and any miniature hats that you can find and start filming some roly-polies, stat!

According to the festival’s Facebook page, last year’s #catvidfest “became its own viral phenomenon, drawing a crowd of more than 10,000 fans to the Walker’s Open Field.” This year’s fest will demonstrate “the same spirit of community and collaboration” and will include music, special guests and more.

What kind of special guests, we wonder? Can we expect an appearance by Japanese celebrity cat, and noted container-lover, Maru? What about existentially-troubled Henri, whose second short film, Henri 2, Paw de Deux , won the prestigious “Golden Kitty Award” at last year’s festival?

Either way, we predict this event will be bigger than the Olympics, to say nothing of that canine travesty Westminster, so get your tickets ASAP. Meow’s the word.

(h/t Gothamist). Brooklyn Can Haz Cat Video Festival?