Buono: 415,000 remain unemployed

TRENTON – The Democrats’ presumptive gubernatorial candidate downplayed the news that the jobless rate had dipped to 9 percent, chastising the administration over the number of people out of jobs.

“Under Governor Christie’s watch, New Jersey still has 415,00 people unemployed and we have only recovered just over 40 percent of the jobs lost during the Great Recession,” Sen. Barbara Buono said in a release Thursday. 

“New Jerseyans still looking for work need to see real action to promote job growth in the Garden State, not more platitudes and tax cuts for the rich.

“For more than three years, the Governor’s primary jobs creation plan has been to offer tax breaks and subsidies to corporations – but this is not enough. We must strategically invest in our state’s education and infrastructure to create good paying jobs that are competitive in a global economy.

“The only way we will escape this economic morass is through new leadership that focuses on boosting our working and middle class. As Governor, my number one goal will be to create a thriving economy that is poised to compete with the rest of the world for years to come.”

The Labor Department reported the dip in the jobless rate for March today. Buono: 415,000 remain unemployed