Buono raises $72k in two weeks

State Sen. Barbara Buono, the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor, raised $72,000 from April 9 through 23, according to her latest submission for matching funds.

The submission brings Buono’s total raised to $696,000 since December when she announced her candidacy.  She has received an additional $890,449 in state matching funds.

Buono is still far off the pace needed to reach the state’s maximum match and with less than six weeks less it is unlikely she will get there.

Since her first submission on Feb. 26, which accounted for all of her fundraising beginning in December, Buono has averaged just over $29,000 per week. To reach the $2 million in funds raised to receive the maximum match, Buono would need to raise an average of $216,000 per week over the remaining six weeks of the primary campaign.

Should she not hit the mark, Buono would be the first candidate to become the party nominee without receiving the full primary match since the program’s inception.

By contrast, Gov. Chris Christie, who chose not to participate in the matching funds program, has raised upwards of $5 million to date.  Full fundraising totals will not be available for Christie until mid-May when the next disclosure reports are due. Buono raises $72k in two weeks