Buono’s Facebook gets a settings update

Gubernatorial hopeful Barbara Buono apparently prefers not to have positive comments about the governor she hopes to unseat posted on her Facebook page.

The Democratic state senator cleaned up negative comments about her campaign and other pro-Chris Christie comments after it was reported that Christie supporters were apparently flooding her campaign’s social media website.

Comments including “you don’t have a chance in hell!” and “Christie 2016!!!” are a couple examples of dozens of negative posts on the Barbara Buono for NJ Facebook page.

Since reported, the campaign apparently changed the site’s settings to prevent people from posting directly to Buono’s timeline – the same setting Christie’s Facebook page and other public figures use.

Philly.com first reported the campaign’s Facebook setting adjustment and noted Buono was likely attracting the wide range of positive and negative comments because of her intense social media campaign.

Buono’s Facebook gets a settings update