Burnishing Obama, Healy retaliates with negative ad against Fulop

Just days after getting stung by the Fulop Campaign in an ad highlighting Mayor Jerry Healy’s diner sit-down with disgraced developer Solomon Dwek, the Healy Campaign dumped a negative TV ad on Fulop.

It’s the Healy campaign’s fourth campaign ad of the season, and attempts to muddy Fulop’s attack by highlighting what the incumbent sees as the challenger’s own ethical imbroglio.

It also recasts Healy as the Obama candidate in the race with at least one shot of a solemn, unimpeachable looking Obama.

“Fulop’s desperate attempts distract the voters from the fact that he steered six-figure Board of Ed contracts to his top campaign contributors,” complained Healy spokesman Joshua Henne. “After Fulop introduced his campaign contributors to BOE members, his politically-connected fundraisers received lucrative contracts at taxpayer expense.

“For several months, the Healy campaign has fought to get basic public information released on this matter through a reasonable Open Public Records Act request seeking emails between Fulop and BOE members, yet Fulop and his allies have continuously stonewalled.”

Healy says Fulop has reason to keep the correspondences buried.

“Steering contracts to political contributors isn’t only a betrayal of public trust that costs taxpayers money, it is also against the law,” Henne said. “And Fulop’s campaign has jumped down into the gutter and is flinging mud to distract from their pay-to-play scandals.

Bruno Tedeschi, spokesman for Fulop, responded to the ad.

“Mayor Healy has yet to provide a full accounting of the $30,000 he took from convicted felon Solomon Dwek seen on an actual FBI surveillance video,” Tedeschi said. “Healy has yet to explain why he let a 78-year-old grandmother take the fall for him. Until he comes clean on this, we will not respond to his lame attempts to malign the only reformer running for Mayor of Jersey City, Steven Fulop.” Burnishing Obama, Healy retaliates with negative ad against Fulop