Chiesa: Response team convened immediately after Marathon bombing

TRENTON – New Jersey’s Attorney General gave a glimpse Monday into how state officials first responded to last week’s bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Jeffrey Chiesa told Senate lawmakers the bombings, which were labeled by the president as acts of terror, immediately prompted law enforcement to ready themselves in the event of a possible attack in the Garden State.

“In the aftermath of the explosions on Monday, we convened an immediate response team which included the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, the state police and the Attorney General’s Office,” Chiesa said.

“Our state police bomb unit was placed in a state of readiness, as were state police aviation crews, tactical teams and search and rescue assets.”

Chiesa said national security officials continue to keep him and Gov. Chris Christie “updated on an almost hourly basis.”

Additionally, national and state officials have been in constant contact with state agencies that include New Jersey Transit, as well as private-sector partners such as large businesses, hotels and “critical infrastructure” facilities such as chemical plants and refineries.

Despite the bombings prompting officials to remain alert, Chiesa assured lawmakers the state is constantly scanning for threats.

“Today, I want to assure the committee that while the bombing in Boston serves as a tragic reminder of the need for preparedness and vigilance, it should not be viewed as a wake-up call,” he said. “We have been, and remain, highly attuned to the threat of terrorism. Our resources are out there in full force every day.”

  Chiesa: Response team convened immediately after Marathon bombing