Coughlin to consider options regarding CV’d tax credit bill

TRENTON – The sponsor of a conditionally vetoed bill that would have provided tax credits for employment of paid interns is not sure how he will proceed.

Assemblyman Craig Coughlin, D-19, Woodbridge, said this is the second time the bill has been turned back by the governor’s office.

“The first time he vetoed it outright. The second time was a conditional veto. Maybe the third time will be the charm,’’ he said, laughing.

Seriously, Coughlin said, he must take time to evaluate the governor’s recommendation to conduct a study before implementing the bill, which could cost about $7 million.

“This would reverse the process,’’ Coughlin said. His bill would have the study of the bill’s consequences subsequent to the expiration of a two-year program. Christie in the CV message recommended it be done first.

What is not in doubt, according to Coughlin, is the merits of the bill’s purpose.

“Almost every university brags about the merits of their internship program,’’ he said. “Internship is a good path to full-time employment.”

“New Jersey exports more students than any other state in the country,’’ he said, which would make this bill a useful tool to help keep students here.

Coughlin said that once he has had time to study the veto message, he will decide how to proceed. Coughlin to consider options regarding CV’d tax credit bill