Creepy Cops Will Now Photograph the Unattended Crap You Left in Your Car

Big brother, meet little brother.

Armed with cameras, envelopes and postage, cops from Brooklyn’s 76th precinct are launching a new initiative called “Spot It To Secure It.” Starting next week, officers will patrol areas of Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, and Cobble Hill searching for valuables left visibly unattended in parked cars, snap a photo and send you a letter about it.

The point? If cops can see that iPad mini on your front seat, so can a passing thief.

Basically, little brother is going to tell on you.

Last year, 541 unattended property thefts took place in Carroll Gardens, according to the Daily News. That’s up from 510 in 2011.

“The whole idea is to prevent the crime from happening in the first place,” said Captain Jeffrey Schiff at the 76th Precinct Community Council Meeting last night.

Either that, or the cops were itching to practice their Instagramming skills.

Anyways, car photography isn’t all the 76th precinct is doing to prevent larceny. Officers will also be toting their cameras as they search for unattended homes with lowered fire escapes, and open windows or unbarred windows.

“To zoom in on grand larcenies, the precinct will deploy a team made up of community affairs cops in blue jackets, as well as a uniformed anti-crime officer and cops on the conditions unit,” reported the New York Post. “They will visit apartment buildings and brownstones, and check the vestibules for broken, open, or unlocked doors.”

“I think it’s innovative and exciting,” said district manager of Community Board Six, Craig Hammerman, to The Observer.

There we have it. The NYPD’s own minority report.

Creepy Cops Will Now Photograph the Unattended Crap You Left in Your Car