Dancer: No huge payouts for ‘problematic’ public employees

TRENTON –  The controversy over the payouts to three former Rutgers officials has prompted an Assemblyman to propose legislation to deal with the problem.

Ronald Dancer, (R-12), Cream Ridge, said he will introduce a bill to prevent taxpayer-funded severance packages for what he referred to as “problematic” employees.

The initiative is in the wake of the dismissals of three Rutgers personnel: basketball coach Mike Rice, Athletic Director Tim Pernetti, and lawyer John Wolf.

The trio were let go at various points after a video surfaced depicting Rice’s abusive behavior toward players.

Last week, Rutgers’ President Robert Barchi at first appeared to take a hard line before legislators, declaring that the university would fight Rice’s $1 million payout, but then later in the day the school announced it had reached an agreement at $425,000.

“Taxpayers should not have to pay problematic public employees to go away,” Dancer said in a release.

“It’s too easy for public officials to throw piles of cash and other goodies at their problems. The only thing that does is create higher costs for taxpayers, ratepayers and tuition payers.”

Dancer’s legislation would limit compensation to base salary.

If the legislation had been in place before the recent Rutgers University basketball scandal, it would have saved more than $1 million from the severance packages given to the trio, according to Dancer, based on data from media accounts.



Dancer: No huge payouts for ‘problematic’ public employees